Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Need to Bear In Mind

1. I am now Ipod-less, camera-less, hair straightener-less, have a laptop that is only semi-functioning and am lucky to have a working phone. Must stop breaking electronics. Must look into replacing at least three of these. Consider winning lotto first?

2. I am not going to study after watching one more episode of Breaking Bad/leaving college for a 'nap'/going to the pub/going to the arcade. Study BEFORE always. Stop coming up with ridiculous ways of avoiding work.

3. Always look in Penneys first. Their stock has actually gotten really good, and they have many items that are very similar to those in more expensive shops. Must leave the Topshopping for when I get a job, after exams. Also, spending an hour in the library drooling over summer dresses and fabulous boots on ASOS followed by an extended tea break is not productive.

4. Lie-ins are not my friend.


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