Saturday, October 23, 2010

TWO. Again.

I'm giving this another go.

I've recently got a new job, in River Island. I haven't started yet, but I'm excited. Mainly for the extra cash I'll be able to spend on all sorts of lovely things (forgetting about all serious things like rent and bills for the time being). Oh and the staff discount! I have never been a massive fan of River Island clothes, but in the past year they've really come up with some good stuff, a pair of velvet shorts I bought in August being a prime example. I wear them to death, though the buttons keep falling off, which is disappointing.

Since giving up a full-time summer job when I went back to college, I haven't really had money to spend on clothes. And I am absolutely itching to go shopping.

I've had my eye on these on asos for a while.


I keep buying cheap boots that haven't lasted, and winter's a'coming. Still, at €152.50 they're still very much out of my current, or even future price range. Maybe for my birthday.