Friday, April 1, 2011

Mary Kate Love

I'm officially the laziest bitch going. I hate the word 'procrastinate', but I'mma have to use it. WhatamIdoingggg??? 

Anyway. My point. I was watching Off The Rails the other evening, as you do, and they did a feature on how to dress like Mary Kate Olsen. My passionate love of all things Mary Kate was reignited. Damn that girl knows how to dress. Her leathers and furs. Those long, flowy fabrics. Those items that really shouldn't work together, but somehow she manages to make them fit together perfectly. The scarves, the hats, oversized bags and sunglasses, the boots. She rocks the 'oh it's just something I threw together' look, and it seems to work every time.

The girls were let choose their own outfits for the first time for the premier of Charlie's Angels in 2003, and neither have looked back since.

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  1. I love their styles...although MK does seem to fall into Dirty Hobo Chic now and again!