Sunday, November 7, 2010

05. I Love Karl Pilkington!

I first came across him on The Ricky Gervais Show on Channel 4, and then more recently An Idiot Abroad, and I've come to the conclusion that he's just great.

My friend can't stand An Idiot Abroad, due mainly to the fact that Sky are clearly spending ridiculous money to send this man to the seven wonders of the world, and he doesn't seem to appreciate any of the amazing places and sights placed before him. She probably has a point in a way, but that's exactly what was intended and damn it makes great viewing.

I love his honesty, and the way he tries to find a certain logic in things that just can't be explained (While travelling through the desert on a camel in Jordan, he asked why the locals don't just move closer to a shop, or, failing that, build a shop in the desert). And yes, I love the way he gets so annoyed at the ridiculous situations he is put in. In response to a group of people dancing on the road in Jordan he states "I don't dance at weddings. I'm not going to start doing it in the middle of the dual carriage way, am I?" His disgust at being tricked into eating penis, eyes and testicles. His description of the Chinese alphabet "It looks like somebody testing out a Biro".  It's hilarious, and I'm officially owning up to having seen every episode.

I'm putting my head in the books for the next couple of weeks, and attempting to kick my TV habit. But here's the best bits from one of my favourite episodes of Idiot Abroad.

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