Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ah Irish winter weather. Wet, mucky, cold enough for us to complain about but not cold enough for snow or any of that. Mild. Dull, grey, drab. Its miserable. I convince myself I'll do college work at home instead of making the fifteen minute trek to the library in the rain, stepping over many the abandoned umbrella on the way. Instead I sleep in, and partake in many useless activities such as watching hours of crap tv and trying on most of the contents of my wardrobe in different combinations. Needless to say it was a very unproductive day. And I now need to clean my room more than ever, lest I stumble in drunk some night soon, trip over the massive mound that is made up of pretty much everything I own, and do myself an injury.

 I wouldn't mind a bit of snow. A bright, airy snowy, afternoon can be lovely. Provided you have proper footwear. Need to start buying things like wooley scarves and hats, in anticipation of it getting a bit colder.

In other news, I'm loving Eva Longoria's ad for the MTV Europe awards. I bet she's great craic in real life.

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