Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Working retail at Christmas is awful. Why is it that the minute the sale starts people think it's acceptable to discard the clothes they've decided not to buy ON THE FLOOR?? You wouldn't have done that when the dress was €70, would you? You're not even doing it because its only €45 now, it's because it USED to be €70, and has now lost some of its value or something. You see me on the floor picking up items by the armful, and, ok, you'll put that cardigan carefully back on the hanger when I'm standing beside you, but I know I'll come back five minutes later to see all my work undone, people trampling clothes into the ground. Before this, before the sales and the pre-christmas day gift-buying panic, you were almost pleasant. Definitely polite. Now you care little for me, jostling me out of the way to get your hands on a discount skirt, that you're only buying because it was apparently a whole forty euro more expensive at some point, and if that's not a bargain you don't know what is. It does look a bit on the small side, but the queue for the tills is so long, you decide to purchase it without trying it on. You barge forward, maybe knocking a rail or four to the ground on your way, pushing past that old lady because, hey, you were here first.

Oh my God leave me alone!!!

And being paid monthly is not fun either.

Happy Christmas anyway, I had a fairly tame and uninteresting one this year, but it's nice to have a break.

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