Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Very General Post

Happy New Year! I'm not back to college for another week, so still being in my pyjamas at half three in the afternoon is totally acceptable. I'll start the whole resolutions/priorities in line thing next week. It'll be the usual, eat better, exercise more, achieve outstanding results in college (!). Also sort out what the hell I'm going to do in september, to post-grad or not to post-grad.

New Year's was good fun. I wore this dress and had found great enjoyment out of the wing sleeves once I'd gotten a few drinks in me.

Further thoughts on resolutions: Do something or go somewhere I've never done/been before once a week. I'd say a day but I doubt I'd be able for that level of commitment. Also clean my bedrooms, at home and in the flat.

I was looking back over previous posts earlier (which took all of five minutes, I'll add posting regularly to the list), and I mentioned something about wanting snow this winter. HA. I got that wish didn't I? A solid month of freezing weather just over and apparently there's more on the way. Enough already! Friends abroad almost didn't make t home for Christmas, but should than themselves lucky they weren't one of the ten people who ended up having to sleep in Dublin Aiport on Chritsmas night, along with countless others in airposts all over Europe.

Back to reality next week, but for now I'm happy on the couch in my pyjamas, laptop and dvd player within reach and my pile of Christmas reading.

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