Wednesday, June 22, 2011

everybody's got to live their life

I've been neglecting this little blog of mine again. I suppose I've been trying to sort out Real Life, though that hasn't really worked out either. I am unemployed once again. The place where I had been working took on their summer staff rather hastily, and then realised they weren't doing as much business as they'd hoped. They left it at a 'we'll call you', but I'm not holding out too much hope.

I'm semi-regretting not applying for further study in September. I assumed getting a job would be a lot easier than this, and that I would be able to work and save, and figure out what it is I want to do long term, and maybe do some work experience relating to that. And travel. I'm only twenty, ugh. And I'm listening to The Smiths right now, is it any wonder I'm sounding so morose.

I'm just back from a four day holiday to Germany, which was something. I wouldn't have been able to go had we not booked the flights ages ago, and had the accommodation not been free. I gave up the job hunt for a while, and just up and went. Exploring and eating and drinking and staying out til 6am, plus a day trip to
Luxembourg city.. I'll post a couple of photos soon. I might have spent every cent I own, but I don't regret it. There's talks of going interrailing next summer, and I can't wait.

For now it's back to job hunting, possibly signing on, and figuring out what the hell I'm going to do come September. Aye aye aye.

I've just made a smoothie, however, and it's delicious. I've never made a proper-from-scratch one before. Mmmm. . .

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  1. Figuring out life SUCKS. Unemployment SUCKS. The Smiths however, don't suck.