Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Saving commences now. I justified the fact that sterling prices work out cheaper to go on a little internet spree for myself last night. How annoying is it that the euro prices in shops are not a direct conversion, instead they are way more expensive? Also the fact that they have stopped showing both prices on tags so you can't compare. Topshop just rip off the sterling prices from the end of the tag, you can clearly see it. And River Island have started putting stickers over them. You used to be able to see both prices and compare, which is something I used to do a lot.




And I bought these today:

Barry M

[EDIT] I was in Tophop today (no harm in looking!), and noticed a rail of dresses, all of which had the ends of their tags ripped off, except for one. The Sterling price was 29 pounds. The euro price was 44!! That's what, a good tenner extra, conversion included, at least! Is there a reason for this?? It seems shopping online is the way forward! 

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  1. LOVE Barry M nailpaint. It's amazing. Such good quality for the price! That looks like a neon yellow...fab.