Thursday, June 30, 2011


I need to express my love for Benefit's new 'Cha-Cha Tint'. Boy oh boy...

Here's a list of reason's why you should go and invest in it

1. It appears a scary neon orange colour in the bottle, but put a couple of dots on your cheeks, blend in upwards and outwards, and it transforms into a delicious coral-pink colour.

2. You do only need just that - a couple of dots (well, depending on how dark you like your blusher), so it will last for aaaages.

3. It has a sort of gloopy, slightly-thicker-than-nail-varnish consistency. I had the original Benetint, a more red-coloured tint in the past. It was liquid, thin as water, and clumsy old me knocked it over after only owning it a couple of weeks. It spilled everywhere. Sickened.

4. It looks good on everyone! No really. I spent the day applying it to strangers of all ages and skin types, and I completely stand by that statement.

5. It looks great on lips too! Put a few dots across your lips, pat in with a finger and add a slick of lip gloss for a summery coral smile

6.Ok, it's a bit pricey at €33.50, but did I mention it'll last you ages? And looks good on everyone? I'm definitely purchasing some soon. When I stop being so ridiculously broke that is. 

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