Thursday, December 15, 2011

Things that I have learned this week:

  • It is not weather for tights. Or, at least, regular 2-pairs-for-€3 cheapo Penney's tights. I should not assume that these are acceptable attire when I has to wear three hoodies to bed the night before. Must invest in some woolies.
  • I am not a studier. Give me an essay to do in my own time anyday, I am an excellent waffler. But hand me four months worth of notes and expect me to learn them off and regurgitate them in an exam and I will do almost anything to avoid it. Especially when the notes are on stupid HTML, which, as far as I'm concerned, is information that will never be useful to me.
  •  I need to start taking things into my own hands, instead of assuming things will happen.
  • I always return to this when I should be doing something highly important.

I'm off for a month after this exam tomorrow, so I hope to get into a regular posting routine. Tomorrow also happens to be DIY Christmas jumper day, as my roommate and I try and create our own tacky jumpers. Perhaps I'll post on that.

I watched Home Alone last week, and am trying my best to get into Festive Spirit mode this year, due to a very anti-christmas humous in previousyears.

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